Hemp + CBG Soft Gel Capsules

(30 Pack 900 MG)


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Our Hemp Energy & Focus Softgels are specially formulated with 20 MG of Hemp, 10 MG of CBG per softgel capsule. The Nass Valley Energy & Focus capsules are a proprietary blend of ingredients which may support mental focus and endurance to get you through the day. This powerful combination includes Hemp, CBG, Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin b12 and other ingredients which may enhance alertness, and may give you the same boost of energy without any of the jitters.



  • 20 MG of premium Hemp per softgel capsule
  • 10 MG CBG per softgel capsule
  • A powerful combination of ingredients
  • Made from US grown hemp
  • Promotes energy and mental focus
  • May improve mood
  • Promotes wellbeing
  • May relieve discomfort
  • Supports the immune system
  • Assist with memory retention

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) Gelatin, Purified Water. Melatonin, Hemp extract (CBN), Beeswax, Lecithin (derived from soy)

Suggested Use: Take one (1) or two (2) softgels daily preferably with a meal. Do NOT exceed two (2) softgels per day

Size: Each container has 600 MG of Hemp, 300 MG of CBG

Container: 30 softgels capsules per bottle

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Hemp + CBG Soft Gel Capsules <p data-lazy-src=
Hemp + CBG Soft Gel Capsules

(30 Pack 900 MG)

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