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Our Corporate Officers

Michael Semler


Mr. Semler is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. He has worked in leadership roles in finance and marketing in the healthcare and wellness industry for the last 15 years. He led the capital fundraising for Advanced Bioceuticals prior to its merger with Nass Valley Gateway. He was previously the CFO at Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.

Our Board Of Directors



Michael Racaniello currently is co-founder of Nass Valley Shop and one of the directors sitting on the board of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd, Michael’s primary responsibility is putting together sales strategies, data buying, and lead generation for Nass Valley Shop. Michael has proven himself as an asset based on his previous experience creating huge revenue streams from other industries. He will utilize his ability to come up with detailed workflows, building software, unique sales strategies and connections within the data world to take Nass Valley Shop to the next level.


Armand Assante has distinguished himself as one of the most elusive and yet prolific Actors of his generation. Internationally he is sought in the Film sector as much as he has been the guest of leading industrialists and leaders around the world. Mr. Assante brings undeniable value to Nass Valley Shop by providing his knowledge, relationships and experience.

Behr Getz

Ms. Getz worked with TwinLab, a supplement company, during the launch of their Hemp products line. She was directly involved in creating communications, education, as well as marketing and business strategy for Hemp products in the Sports, Beauty and Vitamin Supplement divisions of TwinLab. Prior to TwinLab, Jeanine worked with Yulex, a materials company that makes FSC-certified clean rubber used in wetsuits, yoga mats and baby products. There she worked with brands such as Patagonia, Honest Company, and Lululemon. She also previously worked for McKesson Automated Healthcare and SafeSkin Corporation. Ms. Getz will provide Nass Valley Shop with strategic thinking around innovative ways to build Nass Valley Shop brand equity while driving new product launches.


Brandon Gil directs the strategy and execution of Nass Valley’s digital presence which includes website optimization, social media, search engine optimization, affiliate and influencer marketing, email campaigns, and paid advertising efforts. Mr. Gil brings a clear and cohesive digital strategy to Nass Valley, while representing NVG’s core values to the market. Brandon Gil has shown significant success in the Hemp space, responsible for efforts behind producing millions in online revenue for several companies. Brandon specializes in consulting and directing Hemp-based businesses from startups to established publicly traded entities towards their goals.


Jeff Rogers was first introduced to the Direct Sales Industry between 1988 and in 1995 when he co-founded his first direct sales company, launching him into a successful career of helping people reach their financial goals and live their dreams. His experience includes every facet of the industry, from company owner to field leader to expert consultant since 1995. Rogers currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for GSXR, a publicly traded company in the Hemp industry.


Named One of the most influential voices in the main-street business community bycritics and proponents alike, Troy Dooly is Co-Founder and Beachside CEO of Deep South Companies Inc, a global mastermind, whose sole focus is to help guide organizations in removing inadequacies in their processes so they can grow their influence, customer base, and revenues. Troy has emerged as a leading authority in the area of developing purpose-inspired communications. Startup entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations have adopted his breakthrough methodology and frameworks to protect their teams’ integrity and to deliver real difference to the people serve.Troy’s creed is “Living An Epic Adventure” – in work or life; follow your passion, and live your purpose. When Troy isn’t working with clients, he is a speaker, reDefine coach, and podcast host. He is a founding show host and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. A founding member, of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, current Board Member of the Social Networking Association, and sets on numerous Boards of both for-profit and non-profit organizations. He is the former interim-COO of IsodiolInternational, a pioneering group of companies focused on the advancement of Hemp globally. He is the former EVP of ProSTEP Inc, the original and category creator of the technology-based communications commonly used in business today.

The People Who Make It Happen!

Karim Chaar

Information Technology Manager


Brand Creative Manager

Rapha Iturri

Brand Content Manager

Joel Padron

Advertising and Media Buying Manager

Iván González

Brand Creative Manager

Hank Schelling

Customer Service Manager

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